Designing forms that convert, 7 proven techniques

April 07, 2014

Web forms are the stars of any respectable landing page though they’re often taken for granted. They receive all the personal information of your leads or buyers, so that you can start to move them down the sales funnel. Depending on how you design your web forms, you can expect greater or fewer conversions.

In general, hardly any site visitors want to spend too much time filling out web forms, so you’ll have to focus on brevity first and foremost. Of course, you may also want to balance that with the knowledge that longer forms tend to receive higher-quality leads. At the end of the day, designing web forms should be about the user experience above all else.

They should be very visible, but not intrusive; clear-cut, but not dumbed down; and minimalistic, but still not boring. Follow these best practices, and watch your website’s conversion rate begin to noticeably improve.

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